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La Terrazza's Story


    La Terrazza Bar & Bistro had always been a mindful project for the non-for-profit & community driven Club Roma.


While keeping the clubs values in mind, Club Roma wanted to collaborate on a new project...It had to be something unique and so, soon came the restaurant experience La Terrazza.


 Beginning in 2014, renovations took place outside the main building of Club Roma to turn an out-of-date building into something different for the 60 year old Club and the St. Catharines community.

The idea behind a new room was not just have another event space for our prestigious and popular event venue but it was to provide something exciting for the community, a home away from home and a place to showcase some of the unique and creative aspects the Club can bring to our region.

After the first renovations, the 'backyard garden building' acted as a snack shack for the famous Roma soccer leagues, with its success here it quickly turned into a simple food service and beer stand for events and festivals. 

Being inspired by the conversations of Club members, friendly locals, neighbourhood friends of what the Club can provide and what people were looking for in our community, ideas started to stir.


2016 began a second set of renovations to provide not just an event space but a summer home for St. Catharines that could have a unique and quality perspective. 

"Providing a place to stroll, relax and escape.


       Now let's add the food & drink..."

Opening for its first season in 2017, La Terrazza Bistro was born. A trial and error summer built ideas, strategies and thoughts on how to build this absolutely stunning venue into a welcoming Niagara - Italian home that can provide good foods, trend-setting drinks and incredible quality time.

Finishing the final renovations in 2018 with inspiration from the Niagara rustic vineyards and the patios of Italy all while being settled into the award-winning gardens of Club Roma, La Terrazza was finally coming to life. 

In 2019 with appropriate plans and ambitious staff, the nicknamed "LT bistro" began its first journey as a young and true summer seasonal restaurant. Offering unique Niagara meets Italy cuisine, an interesting and show-stopping beverage selection and a no rush, home-y, 'stay for a while' attitude, it became a success.

Quickly Club members, neighbours, friends and the community could see the dream Bistro was creating with a unique atmosphere with aspects from entertainment, refreshing food & drink deals, lawn games, late night fire pits, and the staff who want you to become family.


With continuous growth, tweaks and fun, "LT Bistro" opened its third season in 2020 for more days, longer hours, and values like no other. 

Presently, LT Bistro has grown and has become a Club Roma staple and a permanent enjoyment for the entire Club and the community. Stay updated here for more deals, great food & incredible drinks...

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